Updated 26 Dec 2012

28-29 November 1993 Lunar Eclipse

Below is a sampling of photographs from the total lunar eclipse that took place on 28-29 November 1993. The observation location was Oakdale, CT USA. The close up photos were taken on Fuji 400 speed color film through a Celestron CG-11 (with focal reducer for F6.3, or 1760mm effective focal length). The exact time of each exposure was not recorded. The wider angle shot was taken with a Vivitar 500mm F6.3 lens on Ektar 1000 film. The images below were reprocessed on 26 December 2012.

Here is the wide angle shot (note the many stars recorded in the image):

Here are 5 shots taken through the 11" scope; they show the progress of the eclipse:

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