The Second Annual "FRIDAY NIGHT" Star Watch

Below is a photo of an event that came to be known as the "Second Annual Friday Night". It is a photo of me (Joe Roberts) and my friends on the occasion of my 15th birthday in October 1975. Observing with telescopes became a standard activity among me and several of my friends in the 1974 -75 time period. The reason for calling it the Second Annual Friday Night star watch is that in 1974 we had the "first annual" Friday Night star watch. On that occasion we tracked the motion of Jupiter's moons.

Telescopes in use: A Tasco 60mm F11.7 refractor, a Unitron 3 inch equatorial refractor, a Criterion Dynascope Newtonian reflector (6 inch), and a 50mm Jason refractor. Pete Chapin is at the Unitron and Joe Roberts (yours truly) is at the Dynascope.

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