Updated 26 November 2003

Amateur Astronomer's Notebook

Celestron 14 Telescope

Photos of a 1983 Vintage Orange Tube C-14

This telescope was purchased from a previous owner (and the scope's only other owner) in the fall of 2003. This scope has a 10x70 finder and quite a few accessories. This is the telescope I dreamed of having as a kid since 1974. I finally have it. Celestron no longer makes this style of C14, all of the new ones are on the CG type German Equatorial mount. This scope is heavy and not that easy to transport, eventually it will be housed in an observatory that I hope to build soon.

The scope set up in the backyard shortly after I got it. Here I was using it to observe the Sun (using the solar filter of course, however it is not shown in this photo).

Celestron 14

A stool is needed at times to get to the eyepiece (when looing at things fairly low on the horizon).

The C14 on its first major night out at my place in Voluntown. Below is my observing report!

A composite photo (C14 from my backyard with the northwestern skies of Colebrook, CT). I only wish I had the C14 in skies like this every night!

First Observations using the C-14

Observations for 21-22 November 2003

Telescope: Celestron 14

Location: Voluntown, CT

Sky Conditions: Good, one of the best nights of the year

Tonight was the first night I had the new (vintage) C14 scope out under some reasonably dark skies. I worked mostly deep sky objects (galaxies), but also looked at a lot of Messier objects along the way. I observed from around 6:30pm until 2:00am.