25 December 2000 Partial Solar Eclipse

Below is a sampling of photographs from the partial solar eclipse of Christmas day 2000. All photos taken through a Celestron CG-11 scope (with solar filter of course). Images are all taken using the afocal method with an Olympus C3030 Zoom digital camera. The eyepiece used was a Tele Vue 55mm Plossl. All photos taken from Wilbraham, MA (just east of Springfield MA). Note: the things on the Sun's disc that look like "dirt on the lens" are actually sunspots!

Time: 11:00AM EST

Time: 11:19AM EST

Time: 11:28AM EST

Time: 11:31AM EST

Time: 11:54AM EST

Time: 12:14PM EST

Time: 12:22PM EST

Time: 12:36PM EST

Time: 12:55PM EST

Time: 1:14PM EST

Time: 1:28PM EST

Time: 1:38PM EST

Time: 2:15PM EST (Sun getting into trees, clear shot not possible from my location)

Time: 2:21PM EST, Sun heavily into trees, my final shot...

The telescope (and filter) used to obtain these images.

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