Close up of Comet Hyakutake

This photo of Comet Hyakutake was taken through a 500mm F6.3 Vivitar telephoto lens on TMAX 400 film. The date was (insert date) at about (insert time) PM EST; exposure was about 4 minutes. The Vivitar lens was mounted piggyback on a Celestron CG-11 which was used for guiding at 311x. This was my first ever attempt at guiding on a comet (luckily the comet was moving mostly in a northerly direction); the trails of the stars are clearly evident while the comet is fixed. While I was guiding I felt like I was making some fairly big errors, however the negative indicates that it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. The guiding power (311x on a crosshair eyepiece) compared to the lens magnification (10x) must have saved me. The photo was taken from a location near Horse Pond in Salem, CT USA, where the light pollution is moderate.

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