Jupiter w/ comet crash spots

This is a photo of Jupiter taken on 21 July 1994 (at about 10:00pm EDT), during the midst of the Shoemaker-Levy impacts. This photo was taken through a Celestron CG-11 using eyepiece projection (a 10mm Celestron Plossl eyepiece was used, yielding 280x). An Orion Skyglow filter was in the optical path. The film was TMAX 400 and the "hat trick" exposure method was used. Exposure is very approximately 1 second. This photo clearly shows one major spot due to a comet fragment impact, and the darkening of the limb (at about 7:30 o'clock) is from another impact site rotating into view. The original image is much clearer than this JPEG digital version. I had a 2.4 inch Tasco refractor (at 70x) also looking at Jupiter during the comet crash events. The spots on Jupiter due to the comet impact were clearly visible even with this modest instrument. This photo of Jupiter is from the first roll of film I ever took of the planet through a telescope.

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