Jupiter and Saturn through the Celestron CG-11 scope

Below are photos of Jupiter and Saturn taken through the Celestron CG-11 scope. The photos were taken using the afocal method, the camera was an Olympus C3030 zoom (digital camera, images taken at 2048x1536 pixels). The scope had a Tele Vue 21mm Plossl eyepiece and a Daiken 2.4x barlow in line (magnification = 320x). The camera's optical zoom was also set to maximum. The photo of Jupiter is not too bad... the photos of Saturn are marginal at best. Saturn is a difficult object to photograph because it is not large as seen in the scope and seeing conditions need to be near perfect for about 1 second while the photo is being taken. All photos taken from Wilbraham, MA (just east of Springfield MA). Photos taken 25 December 2000.

Jupiter through the CG-11 scope using Afocal method

Five frames of Saturn, these were the best of about 30 taken on Christmas night. The pictures are "noisy" (grainy) because short exposures were used to minimize seeing effects.

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