M13 resolved in a 2.4 inch scope!

The telescope that many observers start out with can "see" more than most would believe at first. For years a Tasco 60mm telescope was my only observing instrument, and I observed many hundreds of objects with it. Having only such a modest instrument taught me great patience (the mounting and finder scope were TERRIBLE); I was able to observe objects that most observers would consider out of reach for a 60mm scope. Visually, M13 was a hazy ball in the 60mm, and maybe one or two stars could be "resolved" with averted vision under ideal conditions. However, photographically, M13 resolves easily in the 60mm scope. This particular 60mm scope has a focal length of 700mm, making it one of the "fast" models at F11.7. This photo was a 10 minute exposure on TMAX 400 film, guiding was piggyback on a Celestron CG-11 at 311x. Photo was taken from my backyard in Oakdale, CT (moderate light pollution). Note that the "tentacle" structure of M13 is clearly visible in this shot.

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