Southern Lunar Terrain w/ 6" Dynascope

This is a photo of the southern lunar area taken with a Criterion 6" Dynascope (the "classic" 6" F8 newtonian reflector). This photo was taken in March of 1982 with Tri-X film. The photo was taken by placing a Pentax camera up to the eyepiece of the telescope and "snapping" a picture. I let the camera choose the exposure, do not recall what it was (somewhere in the vicinity of 1/30 second). The eyepiece used for this shot was the 18mm ASP that came with the scope (it's not a particularly good eyepiece). This shot represents one of my earlier attempts at lunar photography through the telescope. To my surprise, this shot is better than most I have taken with the Celestron CG-11. I believe the reason is "mirror slap" induced vibration on the T-ring mounted camera used with the Celestron.

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