10 May 1994 Annular Solar Eclipse

Below is a series of photographs depicting the first half of the annular solar eclipse that took place on 10 May 1994. The observation location was Newfane, Vermont, USA. All photos were taken on Kodak 100 speed color film using a Celestron CG-11 (with focal reducer for F6.3, or 1760mm effective focal length). An Orion full aperture glass solar filter was used. The time (in Eastern Daylight Time) of each frame is listed below the photograph.

11:45 am

11:59 am

12:08 pm

12:20 pm

12:34 pm

12:58 pm

1:10 pm

1:18 pm

1:26 pm

1:28 pm

1:32 pm

1:36 pm

1:40 pm

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