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Sunspots of 25 October 2003

Taken with Celestron 14

Here are images of two large sunspot groups visible on 25 October 2003. These sunspots are very large, easily visible to the eye (no optical aid needed) using a solar filter! They are very large and obvious as seen through the telescope. There were two large groupings and one small sunspot also. The two larger are probably the biggest complexes I have ever seen. The photos below were taken with a Celestron 14 using an 8" off axis glass solar filter. I took about 100 images and generated these two from some of the best frames. Seeing was typical for daytime (bad). The camera used was an Olympus C3030Z; the 2.5x optical zoom was zoomed in partially, ISO was set to 400. Exposures were 1/160 seconds. The eyepiece used was a Tele Vue 32mm Plossl.

Sunspot Group #1

Sunspot Group #2

These photos were the first taken with my new (1983 vintage) Celestron 14. This scope (pictured below) was just purchased from another avid amateur astronomer. This is the scope I dreamed of having as a teen! Some 29 years later I finally have it. I hope to build a small observatory and this is the scope that will be inside.

Celestron 14 Telescope

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