Updated 15 January 2005

Hawaii Five-O Tape List

Below is a listing of the Hawaii Five-O tapes in my collection; I have 217 different episodes total (note however that a few are not on my "dedicated" Hawaii Five-O tapes... they are on "other" tapes that I have). Note also that some episodes appear on more than one tape. One cool thing: WBNE-TV kept the original bottom of the hour "Hawaii Five-O will return after station identification" message in almost all of the episodes they aired! If the order seems weird, don't ask me... this is the order that WBNE-TV aired them in. In some cases they showed Part 2 of a two part episode, and they never showed Part 1! One other strange thing: WBNE did not show a single episode from Season 9; it was completely absent from their run of the show. I'm not complaining... it was amazing to have a station in range which showed Hawaii Five-O up to ten times per week!

The best news: The shows I recorded from WBNE (the majority of my episodes) are UNCUT. They are full length episodes WITH the bottom of the hour "Hawaii Five-O will return after station identification" message. The reason the episodes are uncut is that the station was brand new and at the time had few sponsors. So, they had to fill the time with something (imagine that, a station that actually played the show instead of a bunch of worthless spots)! In any event, this was an extremely rare opportunity to obtain a large collection of uncut episodes. The only downside: because the station was just starting up, sometimes they were operating on their auxiliary low power transmitter, and (even with my top of the line Channel Master Parascope 7 foot diameter UHF beam) the reception was a little less than perfect. Many of the tapes are as clear as can be however! Another downside: in many of the episodes, the station logo was present in the lower right corner of the screen (seems like all channels are doing this now).

January 2005 Update: About a year ago I purchased a Panasonic DVD recorder. I began the transfer of my Five-0 collection to DVD last February. At this time I have completed 80 volumes (two episodes per volume). It is a time consuming task. The video has to be played into the machine (recorded). Then I have to go in and set all the edit points (to remove all of the commercials and other unwanted material). Then the final show has to be burned (in real time). Thus far I have completed about 160 of the approximately 220 episodes that I have. During this process I am compiling a detailed spreadsheet that contains information regarding each episode (quality, station logo present or not, etc). Some of the episodes I have are not very good quality, I will probably transfer these to DVD but they will be last to be done.

Other episodes I have on various "mixed" tapes, recorded mostly from WBZ Boston:

Other Shows I Collect

If you like Hawaii Five-O you might also like some of the other classic TV series I am into. A number of the shows are now available on DVD. I have a number of shows that are not available on DVD (and it is questionable as to if they ever will appear on DVD). I do plan to transfer as many as I can to DVD, depending on time available. Some of the tapes shows I have are uncut and not "lexiconed", but some of them are badly cut and lexiconed.

Shows I'd like to see on DVD:

Here are shows that I would very much like to see on DVD (I doubt that some will ever appear however):

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