Updated 7 Feb 1998

The "V for Vashon" Trivia Quiz

If you like the Hawaii Five-O episode "V for Vashon", try your hand at the trivia questions below! As I have time I'll add more questions and answers... check back periodically. The questions are all multiple choice... answers appear at the bottom of the page.

  1. What are the names of Chris Vashon's two friends that help him with the hotel robberies?
  2. What is the last line in the Vashon trilogy?
  3. On the night that Dillon Hayward planned to assassinate McGarrett, why does he arrive a "half hour early"?
  4. What did the chamber maid at the Hawaii Regent notice about Chris Vashon during the robbery?
  5. When Dominic Vashon's place is "up for sale", what is the asking price?
  6. When McGarrett and his men arrive at the hotel to surprise Chris Vashon during the robbery attempt, what does McGarrett tell Kimo to do?
  7. When McGarrett and Harvey Drew are walking to the parking garage at the Illikia hotel, he is leaving because he got a message from the office. Why is Harvey Drew leaving?
  8. When Honore sends Chris Vashon's friends to the mainland, how much cash does each have in their pocket?
  9. At one point Ben is going over profiles of various hit men who might be used to kill McGarrett. Which ones does McGarrett want to concentrate on?
  10. Which charity does Honore Vashon contribute to?
  11. What is Chris Vashon's apartment number?
  12. In what hotel did McGarrett "gun down" Freddie Sullivan?
  13. According to Manicote, what kind of case does Freddie Sullivan's wife make out of McGarrett's apparent shooting of an unarmed man?
  14. When Honore receives a call at his house and doesn't want Five-O to hear (because of the bugs), what does he do?


In case you are stumped, the answers to the questions can be found below!

  1. Lance and Stew
  2. Call the Wagon
  3. He wanted to set his gun sights
  4. He had on a "real expensive sport coat"
  5. $385,000
  6. "Get the laundry chute"
  7. he had a brief to prepare
  8. $5000
  9. Macros and Zaganini
  10. March of Dimes
  11. 10-J
  12. Illikai
  13. Three handkerchief
  14. Run some water from the faucet

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