Minnechaug Class of 1978 20th Reunion

The Minnechaug Class of 1978 20th Reunion was held on 18 - 19 July 1998. It was a great time, the night seemed to fly by very fast. Also held was a Sunday breakfast; this was also fun and offered another chance to talk to people that were missed the night before.

The photos contained within have faces of childern "digitally scrubed" for privacy reasons. Some photos were contributed by class members.

Class of 1978 20th Reunion Committee

Chris Calvert Spaulding

Kim Dernavich Nierenhausen

JoAnne Clarke Stolarik

Lisa Cambo Deane

Steve Koziol

Joe Roberts

In addition, Sharon Usher Strange, David Strange, Rachel Siebert, Mary Ellen Sparks Barker, Greg Barnagian, Greg Zirakian and Scott Southworth have helped out with various tasks.

Class of 1978 20th Reunion Photo Gallery

Note: Last names of people are the names people had in 1978


Some people have reported that some of the photos (mostly the last 20 or so) do not load. I have verified that all the photos are uploaded. The problem may be related to the amount of memory in your machine. If a particular photo does not show, here's how to force it to show: place your cursor over the "blank" picture and right click the mouse. Then click "show picture". This should fix the problem.

Phil Gaynor and his wife, Jan Stolki and her husband

Vera Brown and Sue Zilewicz

Ann Maria Sousa and Donna Grogan

John Bedard and Tim Rymasz

Joe Walt and his wife

Ed Wikar

Chris Calvert, Ed Wikar, Jim Wolski, Howard Person, Dave Chouinard, Jim Wolski's wife

Allan Brown, Greg Barnagian and his wife

Ken Delargy

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Chris Calvert

Noel Pixley and his wife (?), Shawn Courtney and his wife(?)

Karen Gardner

Scott Hesser and Dave Strange

Mike Normandeau, Bill Sullivan, Missy Grill

Steve Koziol, Joanne Clarke, Sharon Usher, Kim Dernavich

Joanne Clarke, Sharon Usher, Kim Dernavich

Reunion Committee: Chris Calvert, Kim Dernavich, Joe Roberts, Steve Koziol, Joanne Clarke, Lisa Cambo

Reunion Committee: Chris Calvert, Steve Koziol, Joe Roberts, Kim Dernavich, Joanne Clarke, Lisa Cambo

Chris Calvert

Lisa Cambo, Joanne Clarke, Kim Dernavich and her husband

Rich Gotta and Craig Cunningham (sorry for the lousy shot, camera operator error!)

Lisa Semle and John Shea

Class memebers and guests doing the "Electric Slide"

Rachel Siebert and Allan Brown

Front: Kim Lake, Sue Zilewicz, Lisa Caputo. Back: Kate Leary, Vera Brown, Ann Marie Sousa

Cyndi Fredette, ? ?, Sharon Nowak

Donna Grogan, Joan Tobia, Gina Fusco, ?

Cyndi Fredette

Donna Grogan and her husband (?), Joan Tobia, Gina Fusco

Karen Gardner, Mary Ellen Sparks, Cathi Gartner and her husband

Jean Hartman and Bill Sullivan

Paul Zechausen, Paul Lemieux's wife

Frank Skrzyniarz

Allan Brown and Missy Grill

Joy Willson, Joe Herman, Rob Hellinger, Dennis Anti, Chris Howard

Carol Hanson and Mike Krzesik

Ed Wikar, Greg Barnagian and his wife

Alan Bercovici and his wife

John Bedard and Dave Chouinard

? and Sandi Gardner

Eric Byron

Ed Garibian and his wife

Kathy Wilson and her husband

Sue Bates

Joe Roberts

Ann McGranaghan

Jean Hartman

Chris Howard, Carol Hanson, Joy Willson

Jeff Fraser and Bob Schnepp

Karen White, Kim Lake and others at the breakfast buffet

Kim Lake, Jim Wolski's wife and others at the breakfast buffet

Alan Bercovici, Al Meserve, John Bedard, Jim Wolski and his wife

Lynn Sterlin, Karen White, Sandi Gardner

Frank Skrzyniarz and Jim Wolski

Paul Abrahamson and his wife (Bea Bernardo)

Noel Pixley

Kim Lake and Shawn Moriarty

Ginger MacRae


Dave Strange

Neal Waters and Al Meserve

Lauren Vail

Kurt Little

Paul Lemieux and his wife

Neal Waters, Paul Delaney, Mary Dionne, Kurt Little, Shawn Courtney, ?, Noel Pixley, Al Meserve, Irving Morse

Sharon Usher

Gina Fusco

Kevin Wilson, Irving Morse, Kurt Little, Al Meserve, Noel Pixley, Karen Gardner, and (seated) Jim Wolski, Paul Lemieux and his wife

Al Meserve, Noel Pixley and Karen Gardner

Karen White

Joanne Clarke and Kim Dernavich

Priscilla Blodgett and Noreen Hughes

Jim Wolski, Paul Delaney, Mary Dionne and Paul Lemieux

Mary Ellen Sparks

Chris Calvert and Paul Abrahamson

Alan Bercovici and Mary Dionne

Al Meserve and Irving Morse

Kurt Little and ?

The following images were contributed by class members:

Lynn Stirlen, Lauren Vail, Cyndi Fredette

Allan Brown, ?, ?

?, Paul Zechausen

Mike Webber, ?, Missy Grill, Paul Zeckhausen, Paul Lemiuex's wife, Paul Lemieux

Missy Grill

Missy Grill and Mike Webber

Paul Lemiuex, Allan Brown, ?, Paul Lemiuex's wife

Phil Gaynor's wife, Phil Gaynor, Ginny Saxe, Karene Jones

Paul Zeckhausen, Ginny Saxe, Paul Lemieux

Margo Hagopian, Paul Lemieux, Ginny Saxe