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November 2004 Planet Gathering

Here are several photos of the planetary grouping of Venus and Jupiter from early November 2004. The Moon joined in around 8-10 November. The photos below are digital camera photos, exposures were 1 to 2 seconds at F2.8. The camera used was an Olympus C3030Z. Processing was done in photoshop, however this was primarily limited to removing "hot pixels". NOTE: To best view these images it is best to first check the calibration of your monitor.

Calibration Bar

Venus and Jupiter, 4 Nov 2004

This photo shows Venus (brighter object) and Jupiter at about their closest approach. Photo taken around 5:50am EST.

Venus, Jupiter and the Moon, 9 November 2004

The Moon joins the gathering on this chilly morning. The star Gamma Virgo is to the left of Jupiter. "Earthshine" can be seen on the Moon. Photo taken around 5:50am EST.

Venus, Jupiter and the Moon, 10 November 2004

The Moon prepares to depart the gathering on this very chilly morning. Note the distance between Venus and Jupiter compared to the first photo. Photo taken around 5:50am EST.

The Waning Crescent Moon, 10 November 2004

A crop of the photo immediately above showing the aging Moon.

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