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Amateur Astronomer's Notebook

Top row from left: Pleiades, M13, Lunar eclipse, Comet Hale Bopp, M43, M33, Saturn, Aurora.  Bottom row from 
left: M16, Jupiter, Sunspots, M31, Mars, Lunar craters, M77 and the Ring Nebula.

Welcome to Joe Roberts Astrophotography! On this site you will find amateur astrophotos which I have taken over the period 1974 to present. Within these pages you will find photos from my very beginning activities in astronomy as well as my very latest images. Astrophotography has never been easier but it is still not "easy". It often requires expensive equipment and a lot of patience! One of the most rewarding things is that I am able to take photos with my backyard equipment that rival or exceed the quality of some of the best observatory photos that were possible when I was a child! Use the menu buttons below to explore further...

How I got started in astronomy and astrophotography.

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