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Kiss 95.7

Kiss Jocks (and other staff)

Did you ever wonder "Where are they now? Below you can find out a little more about many of the talented people that made Kiss 95.7 the legendary station that it was in the late 80s - early 90s. Also note that many of the Kiss 95.7 personalities have Facebook pages!

Thanks to Steve McVie and Mike Czarny for contributions to this page!

Jeremy Savage

Jeremy Savage was the Kiss 95.7 morning show host for many years. During that time he had several co-hosts, including Paul Murname (news), Maryanne O’Hare, and Ed Kelly. Jeremy Savage was not your typical radio disk jockey. In addition to being a talented and dynamic radio host, Jeremy also holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Jeremy left Kiss 95.7 in the mid 1990s to work on something (that at that time was just being developed) called “Satellite Radio”.

Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh was one of the most important people in the history of Kiss 95.7. Chris was among the most talented club mixers in the country during his tenure at the station. Chris was often called the “Mixmaster” (although he never cared for that name) due to his incredibly creative and expert mixing abilities. His talents were the cornerstone of the legendary “Kiss Club”, a remote live broadcast that aired every Friday and Saturday night. Chris also hosted the show “Kiss Classics” which aired every Sunday night from 6pm – 9pm (the show was later cut to 2 hours). Kiss Classics showcased “old school” classics from the early years of disco and club music. Chris has worked with many celebrities over the years and has mixed many CDs for the popular “MTV Party to Go” series. Chris now owns his own video production company: Chris Walsh's web site.

Robin King

Robin King got started in radio at an early age at her father’s radio station in South Carolina. Robin came to Kiss 95.7 in 1989 and was the “night jock” (7pm – midnight) for a number of years. Robin used to run a piece called "Street Talk" on her show. Robin was also frequent host of the Kiss Club. Robin later left Kiss 95.7 and worked at one of the top AM stations in Hartford. Today Robin is a realtor in South Carolina. Robin King's web site

Steve McVie

Steve McVie did overnights at Kiss 95.7 in the late 1980s. Steve also hosted the Kiss Club in addition to occasional appearances on Kiss Classics. Steve is now the Operations Manager for 4 stations on Cape Cod, including WRZE "The Rose" where he does the midday show. Steve also has an internet only channel called http://www.theflashbackchannel.com. Steve is a major collector of radio “air checks” and got “hooked” on radio in the “Hot Hits” era of the late 1970s and very early 1980s. Steve McVie's web site.

Shawn Murphy

Shawn Murphy was the mid day jock at Kiss 95.7 during the late 1980s and early 90s. Shawn got his start in radio at Q-105 in Groton CT. Shawn was a frequent host of the Kiss Club as well. Shawn works at Q-105 today as program director.

Michael Knight

Michael Knight did overnights at Kiss 95.7 during the early 90s.

Jefferson Ward

Jefferson Ward was program director at Kiss 95.7 from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. Jefferson was an incredibly talented and dynamic person and also hosted the Kiss Club on a number of occasions. Jefferson was also heard during the mid day time slot as an on-air jock. Jefferson lead the station to some of its highest book ratings. Jefferson later left Kiss 95.7 to pursue other challenges (he was PD at Q-102 in Philly during the mid 1990s).

Larry Hryb

Larry Hryb was Kiss 95.7's promotions director in the early 90s. Larry also coordinated numerous remote broadcasts. Larry now lives in the Seattle area and is the Director of Programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live. Learn more here: Larry Hryb on Wikipedia.

Jay Beau Jones

Jay Beau Jones was program director after Jefferson Ward. Jay Beau also hosted a number of Kiss Clubs and also was heard on air during the mid day shift. Jay Beau Jones maintained the station’s high book ratings after Jefferson’s departure. Jay Beau Jones later left Kiss 95.7 for Chicago. Today his voice can be heard on commercials all over New England. Jay Beau Jones is now program director at WODS (April 2009).

John McMann

John McMann was one of the best Kiss Jocks ever (in my opinion). His high energy personality and natural radio voice made him a “perfect fit” for the position. John hosted many Kiss Clubs during his time at Kiss 95.7. John was often the “voice” of the “Night People” report. John left Kiss for other opportunities. Today John is a record executive, he has worked with many top performers in pop music.

Michael Maze

Michael Maze was among Kiss 95.7’s top jocks. His personality made him a natural for the Kiss Club (Maze hosted MANY Kiss Clubs). Working with Maze was always a pleasure and a LOT of fun too! Like John McMann, there was always excitement and surprises when working a live broadcast with Maze! Maze is now the morning show host at KC 101 (April 2009) in New Haven CT.

Tony Moreno

Tony Moreno came to Kiss 95.7 in the mid 1990s. He hosted Kiss Clubs and covered overnights and weekends as an on-air jock.

Sean Cunningham

Sean Cunningham filled in as Mixmaster for Chris Walsh at the Kiss Club when Chris was not available to do the show. Although Sean was not a “regular” on-air voice, Sean also filled in for numerous other duties around the station (including Kiss Classics, American Dance Trax, and other weekend time slots). Sean is a popular club DJ in the Hartford area today.

Paul Murnane

Paul Murnane was the morning news guy with Jeremy Savage during the late 1980s. Paul was a very funny guy to work with. Paul now works at powerhouse news station WCBS in New York City.

MaryAnne O'Hare

Maryanne O’Hare was the morning show co-host with Jeremy Savage during the early 1990s.

Cadillac Jack

Cadillac Jack was the afternoon host (3-7pm) in the late 1980s. He has been the Program Director for Boston's successful CHR stations Kiss 108 and Jammin' 94.5 for the past decade.

Rudy C

Rudy C was an intern at Kiss during the mid 1990s. Rudy was often present at live remotes (the Kiss Club). Rudy (at the time) was basically Chris Walsh’s understudy. Rudy became the Mixmaster for the Kiss Club after Chris’ departure.

Gary Craig

Yes, Gary Craig DID work at Kiss 95.7 for a period of time in the early 90s. Gary was “let go” by 96 WTIC for no apparent reason (at least no reason that was ever made obvious to me). Gary had a “no compete” contract clause, but Gary’s attorneys were able to get that worked out as Gary was let go for no apparent reason. Gary hosted the Morning show for Kiss 95.7 during his time at the station. Gary is a remarkable person and has hosted countless events devoted to helping those in need. Gary was a true professional and a pleasure to work with. Gary eventually went back to 96 WTIC (someone over there must have realized what a major blunder it was to let him go, similar to the “New Coke” debacle in the late 1980s!). Gary Craig's web site.

Mike Czarny

Mike started as an intern at Kiss 95.7 and also did part time on air work (and Mike was also part of the "Kiss Sticker Patrol"). Mike now hosts the morning show at 95 Triple X in Burlington VT. Check out Mike on this web site: 95 Triple X.

Brian Lapis

Brian worked various shifts at Kiss 95.7 during the early 1990s. Brian is now a weatherman at WWLP TV22 in Springfield, MA.

Rick Tosh

Rick Tosh started as an intern at Kiss 95.7 in the early 90s, driving the Kiss 95.7 van and later producing the morning show for Jeremy Savage and Ed Kelly. Rick also did an overnight shift at the station. Today Rick has his own DJ Company, he hosts pub trivia for bars & corporate gigs nationwide, works as a guest host on the Shopping Channel and he also does commercial work on the side. Rick has a page on Facebook (search under "Rick Tosh").

Panama Jack

Panama Jack was at the station from 1990-94. He produced the morning show for Gary Graig for a period of time and also worked in promotions part time. Panama Jack was involved in many Kiss Clubs (both on site and as a board tech).

Tom “Veshman” Veschi

Tom did weekend overnights on various occasions at the station. Tom is now the General Manager for Asnuntuck Community College's WACC 107.7 in Enfield, CT.


Tracy was always great fun to work with mainly due to her very bubbly and uplifting personality. Tracy started out doing some of the weekend shows and later made appearances at Kiss Clubs before becoming a regular on the morning show.

Gina J

Gina J worked at Kiss for much of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Gina was often heard on weekend duty and later overnights. Gina later moved across town to 96 WTIC.

Hollywood Joe

Joe Toroni was also known as "Hollywood Joe" during his stay at Kiss. He and John McMann often did club gigs as the "John and Joe Show". Another big stop for Joe included Z100 in New York. His career took him to Philly as "Joe Mama". He currently is known as "Logan".

Kandy Klutch

Kandy Clutch worked at Kiss 95.7 from June 1992 — May 1995. Kandy was an on-air jock (mid days) and also served as the music director for a portion of her time at Kiss 95.7. Kandy is now at Sirius/XM.

Arty the One Man Party

Arty did a number of shifts at the station and was always a cool guy to work with.

Mike Murray

Mike Murray filled in as MixMaster for Chris Walsh on the Kiss Club from time to time. Mike also worked Kiss Classics and did other behind the scenes work. Today Mike runs a video production company and also works in radio programming. Mike Murray's web site.

Bill Sicaras

Bill worked as the Saturday Kiss Club board tech for a while, he was John McMann's producer, and also the American Top 40 tech/Sunday am weatherman. Bill now resides in the Dallas TX area and works in the engineering field.

Joe Roberts

Joe Roberts started as an intern in the fall of 1989 and worked as a Kiss Club board tech. Joe also was the producer for Chris Walsh's "Kiss Classics" show. Today Joe works for the US Navy. Joe Roberts' web site.

Jennifer Sanderson

Jennifer was the “traffic girl” for Kiss 95.7 during the mid 1990s.

Other Notes and Tidbits of Info...

Ellis B. Feaster worked for Kiss 95.7 for one day in the summer of 1989. He didn't connect with Hartford and went back to Norfolk, Virginia where he was from.

Legendary jock "Broadway" Bill Lee did a guest shot for Jeremy Savage in January of 1989. Bill currently does PM drive for CBS-FM New York and was an original jock on WTIC-FM during their "96 Tics" Mike Joseph consulted years of 1977-79.

Tom Casey was an original jock on 95.7 Kiss FM from 1984 until 1989. His real name is Tom Colocucci and is one of the most successful Program Directors in America at Radio One. His stops include Houston, Dallas and Miami.

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