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Welcome to the Joe Roberts Home Page! I am an electronics engineer primarily involved in sonar work for the US Navy. This site contains a vast amount of information dealing with all sorts of topics. One of my greatest interests is amateur astronomy, an activity I have been involved with since 1973. I am the manager of the web site Amateur Astronomer's Notebook. I try to observe the stars and planets whenever the weather (and my schedule) allows. Rocketry (Model and High Power) is also an activity I am involved in (among numerous other activities). Check out the menu below for these and a number of other topics.

I still write most of my own HTML by hand (meaning I make minimal use of special software to accomplish this task). You will find that my HTML style focuses more on content and readability rather than "fancy features". As diverse as they are, I strive to make my pages rich in content and worth visiting. At first glance my page may look like a "guy" page, but there is lots of information that will interest women too. As is the case with most people today, the demands on my time are great, and as a result some of my pages do not get updated as often as I'd like!

The photos below illustrate some of my many hobbies and interests...

 Me in 1998 with Ultimate 98, March 1999 launch at Clarks Falls.

A picture of me with my first High Power Rocket (homemade) and a launch on an H180-S motor.

 1949 Farmall M, Celestron CG-11 scope, and photo of M42 taken with the telescope.

A picture of me and my 1949 Farmall "M" tractor, my CG-11 telescope, and a picture of M42 taken by me.

 An AHM (Rivarossi) E-9 loco, some old bottles, and some classic 1970s vintage audio gear (back when stereo stuff was BUILT).

HO Model Railroading... Old Bottles ... Vintage (1970's) Audio Gear.

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