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Minnechaug Class of 1978 Twenty-Fifth Reunion Gallery

Below are photos from the 25th reunion of our class (held on 29 November 2003). If yo have photos you'd like to contribute, please e-mail me.

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Kathy Collins and Judy O'Brien, Class of '79, running the check in table.

Noreen Hughes Little

Steve Koziol and Howard Person

Karen White, Diane Croze Pate and her husband Stuart

Noreen Hughes Little, Cindy Miner Koziol ('79) and Lisa Semle

Debbie Rustin and Donna Rustin (?)

Noreen Hughes Little, Karen Flodman Dow and Scott Dow (Carl Gatchell in background)

Karen Gardner

The check in table

Sandi Gardner Clark ('79), Gordie Clark, Matt Fisher and Gary Labelle

Scott Dow and Scott Hesser (Mary Ellen Sparks Barker in background)

People checking in: Noel Pixley, Pete Langone, Hiedi Milbier, Dave Chouinard, Tim Rymasz, Chris Leone, ?

Paul Zeckhausen, Dave Chouinard, Tim Rymasz

Howard Person, Carl Gatchell, Cindy Miner Koziol, Steve Koziol

Karen Flodman Dow, Scott Dow, Sherry Labine

DJ Ross "The Boss" McDonald chats with former colleague Paul Zeckhausen

Bob Schnepp and Hiedi Milbier

Joe Mell

Check In table: Bill Sullivan (background), Joe Mell's wife, ?, Dave Strange, ?, Jon Levesque

Craig Cote and Dan Conway

Lisa Cambo

Bob Merrill, Bruce Hadley, Neal Waters, Leslie Lopardo in background

Lisa Cambo and Sharon Vashon (?)

Scott Southworth and Chris Howard

Joe Roberts and Laurie Buoniconti

Karen Flodman Dow, Scott Dow, Gina Fusco and Gina's husband

Irving Morse, Paul Delaney, JoAnne Clarke, Vera Brown

Kathy Wilson, Sue Bates, Ann McGranaghan (Charlie's Angels!)

Kathy Wilson, Sue Bates, Ann McGranaghan

Sue Zilewicz and Vera Brown

Vera Brown, Joe Roberts, Sue Zilewicz

Vida Zavala

Bill Dangleis

Kathy Wilson

Greg Zirakian

Kathy Wilson, Neal Waters, Pete Langone, Lisa Cambo, Vida Zavala, Carol Sheehy

Pete Langone and Carol Sheehy

Neal Waters, Greg Zirakian, Kevin Wilson, Greg Zirakian's wife, Ed Smith, Pete Langone, Lisa Cambo

Kent Hutchinson, Steve Koziol, Howard Person

Craig Cunningham

Gina Fusco and Cindy Fredette

Gina Fusco, Joe Roberts, Cindy Fredette (Joe Herman in background)

Greg Zirakian and Tim Rymasz

Alan Bercovici

Frank Skrzyniarz

Vera brown, ?, ?, ?, Shawn Courtney's wife, Shawn Courtney, Scott Southworth

Ken Gaynor and Sherry Labine's husband

Bob Merrill

Laurie Lavoie

Cindy Miner Koziol and Lisa Semle

Noreen Hughes Little, Scott Southworth, Tina Kronholm

Jeff Fraser and Vera Brown

Lisa Cambo, Kathy Wilson, Sue Bates, Ann McGranaghan

Chris Calvert, Lisa Cambo, Kathy Wilson, Sue Bates, Ann McGranaghan, Tina Kronholm

Noel Pixley and his wife

Laurie Lavioe, Karen White, Scott Dow and Karen Flodman Dow

Judy O'Brien ('79) and Kathy Collins ('79)

Leslie Lopardo

Matt Fisher and Kent Hutchinson

Vida Zavala, Carol Sheehy and Sue Zilewicz

Sue Zilewicz, Pete Langone and Neal Waters

Karen Gardner and Mary Ellen Sparks Barker

Paul Delaney

Missy Grill, Joe Herman and Paul Zeckhausen

Sherry Labine and Gary Labelle

Bob Schnepp

Neal Waters

Craig Cote and Jon Levesque

Pete Langone, Neal Waters, Laurie Buoniconti's husband

Missy Grill, Joe Herman, Paul Zeckhausen

Noreen hughes Little, Kathy Wilson, Sue Bates and ? looking at a 1978 yearbook

Tim Rymasz and Dave Chouinard

JoAnne Clarke and Ed Smith

Noreen Hughes' husband, Bill Sullivan and Noel Pixley

Karen Manning and Scott Southworth

Joe Herman, Sharon Usher and Frank Skryzniarz

Craig Cote, Laurie Buoniconti and Laurie's husband

Noel Pixley and his wife, Bill Sullivan and Jan Stolki

Bob Schnepp and Dennis Anti

Dave Strange and Sharon Usher

Joe Roberts and Jan Stolki

Carl Gatchell, Steve Koziol and Cindy Miner Koziol

Dave Grassetti, Noreen Hughes and Chris Calvert

Dave Grassetti, Chris Calvert and Noreen Hughes

Ginger McRae, Vida Zavala and Carol Sheehy (background: John Shea, Kent Hutchinson, Bob Merrill)

Joe Roberts and Gordie Clark

Gina Fusco, Lisa Cambo and Chris Leone

Gina Fusco, Lisa Cambo and Chris Leone checking out an old Junior High Scrapbook

Scott Dow, Chris Howard, Bob Schnepp and Karen Flodman Dow

Joe Roberts and Chris Howard

Lisa Cambo, Tina Kronholm, Chris Calvert and Noreen Hughes

Lisa Cambo, Tina Kronholm, and Chris Calvert

Bob Merrill, Tim Rymasz, Alan Bercovici and Dave Chouinard

Paul Zeckhausen, Sherry Labine, Dan Conway and Ann McGranaghan

Criag Cunningham

Lynn Stirlen, Cindy Miner Koziol and Lisa Semle

Paul Zeckhausen, Sherry Labine and Gary Labelle

Dan Conway and Brain Luongo?

Dave Grassetti and Cindy Fredette

Diane Croze Pate

JoAnne Clarke and Missy Grill

Lynn Stirlen and Paul Zeckhausen

Craig Cote and Chris Calvert

Craig Cote and Chris Calvert

Mike Webber's wife Shelly, Paul Zeckhausen, Phil Gaynor, Sherry Labine

Photo courtesy of Mike Webber

Sherry Labine's husband, Sherry Labine, Phil Gaynor, Mike Webber, Shelly Webber, Paul Zeckhausen, Karene Jone), Ginny Saxe

Photo courtesy of Mike Webber

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