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Minnechaug Class of 1979 Twenty-Fifth Reunion Gallery


All of the photos are now up as well as two group shots. The group shots had to be stitched together manually as the stitch software I have does weird things with group people shots (some people end up with extra arms, multiple heads, etc). As such, there are a few artifacts in them that cannot be easily removed. These group shots are on a separate page (see below). Due to the size of this main page I plan to break it up into smaller pages (this will ease loading of the pictures), I will work this probably over the holiday break.

I have added names for all those people that I know. If a photo has blank lines or no names at all that means I don't know them. If you can help fill inthe blanks please e-mail me and let me know who is who (please mention picture number so I can keep things straight!). Also, if any 79 members want to be on distro for Minnechaug related news, please e-mail me. I do not pass out e-mail addresses, and I maintain up to date virus and firewall protection at all times.

All photos taken with an Olympus C3030Z digital camera, editing done in Photoshop.

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It is possible (because of system memory limitations) that not all of the photos will automatically load. I have verified that all the photos are uploaded. If you are having problems, here's how to force a photo to show: place your cursor over the "blank" picture and right click the mouse. Then click "show picture". This should fix the problem. If problems persist, please e-mail me.

Click the link below for the group shots:

Group shots of Class of 1979 (25th Reunion)


2. Class of 1981 greeters: Donna Collins and Beth O'Brien

3. Randy Bray

4. Cindy Rapisarda and Kerri Mahaney

5. Rich Vierthaler and Dean Ciocci

6. Paul Schubert

7. Cindy Rapisarda, Donna Shirly, Lisa Southworth, Kerri Mahaney, Judi O'Brien

8. Pam Kret, _____, ______

9. William Donati ('77)

10 . Judi O'Brien

11. William Donati ('77) and Julie Adams

12. Tom Manzi

13. ____, Donna Chouinard and Jim Donati


15. ____, ____, Dean Ciocci

16. Pam Kret, Carol Lovell, Anne Gruszka

17. Dean Ciocci

18. _________

19. Peggy Murphy and Maureen Munsell

20. Anne Gruszka and her husband

21. Pam Kret, Barbara Loveling, Carol Lovell, Lisa Southworth

22. Gerry Chumura's wife, Gerry Chumura, Sandi Gardner

23. Kim Dolecki, _______, Amy Griswold

24. Steve Setian, Mike Florio

25. Sue Martin, Mike Florio, Gary Petzold

26. Greg Gibson, Peggy Murphy, Karen Collins, Lisa Southworth

27. Dean Ciocci, _____, Paul Schubert, Mike Lachapelle and his wife

28. Dan Dragon ('78), Debbie Messier, Gordie Clark ('78)

29. Amy Griswold

30. Pam Kret, Barbara Loveling, Judy Kirk, Carol Lovell, Julie Adams

31. Paul Schubert and Mike Lachapelle

32. Sandi (Ferrier) Gibson and _______

33. Karen Collins, _____, ______

34. Judi O'Brien, Donna Shirly, Kim Dolecki

35. Carolyn Engel

36. _____, ____, Sue Martin

37. Donna Chouinard, Ruth Fortini

38. Scott Brady

39. Dan Dragon ('78) and Maureen Munsell

40. _____, Nancy Axtell, ____, Randy Bray

41. Kerri Mahaney, Cindy Rapisarda, Sandy Stirton

42. Mike Florio, Lori Gallavoti, Jim Burns, Donna Shirly, Lisa Southworth , Kerri Mahaney

43. Greg Gibson, David Gray

44. Coreen Garvey, _______

45. ________

46. _______

47. Tom Manzi

48. Coreen Garvey

49. Judi O'Brien, Richard Lassonde, Karen Collins

50. Dan Dragon ('78), Greg Gibson, David Gray

51. Judy Kirk

52. David Gray, Debbie Messier, Maureen Munsell, Sandy (Ferrier) Gibson

53. Steve Setian

54. Lisa Southworth

55. Kim Witkop, Steve Setian, Winslow Reed, Tom Manzi, Mike Florio, Jim Burns

56. John Devine and Jim Ross

57. _____, David Motyl, Rich Vierthaler

58. Julie Adams, Sandi Gardner

59. Gordie Clark, Cindy Rapisarda, Carolyn Engel

60. Steve Norowski, Jim Dionne's wife, David Motyl, Rich Vierthaler

61. Kim Witkop, Steve Setian

62. Coreen Garvey, Amy Griswold, _____

63. Karen Collins, Judi O'Brien, Kim Witkop

64. Robin Lis

65. Paul Schubert and Sue Martin

66. Gary Petzold and Dean Ciocci

67. Pat McMann, _____

68. Steve Setian, Carl Cote, Scott Brady

69. Winslow Reed and Ruth Fortini

70. Sandy Ferrier Gibson and Greg Gibson

71. Jim Burns, Robin Lis, Donna Shirly

72. Gordi Clark ('78), Sandi Gardner, ____, _____, _____

73. Steve Norowski and Dean Ciocci

74. Donna Shirly, Robin Lis, ____, Coreen Garvey, Amy Griswold

75. Tom Manzi, Pat McMann, Scott Brady, Jim Ross, David Gray

76. Carol Lovell, Cindy Rapisarda, Barbara Loveling

77. Barbara Abar, Kim Witkop, Judi O'Brien, Karen Collins

78. Scott Brady and David Gray

79. ____, Kim Witkop

80. Sue Martin and Rich Lasonde

81. Carolyn Engel

82. Dan Dragon ('78), Debbie Messier, Maureen Munsell, ___, ___, ____

83. Beth Moore, Peggy Murphy, Ruth Fortini, Laurie Galavatti, Cindy Rapisarda

84. Peggy Murphy and Laurie Harlow

85. Donna Chouinard and Carolyn Engel

86. Mike Lachapelle, Gary Petzold, Rich Lasonde

87. Rowena (Joyce) McCormick and Kerri Mahaney

88. Bridgett Walt, Cindy Rapisarda, Mike Florio

89. Steve Setian, Jim Burns, Carol Sweetman, Bridgett Walt, Cindy Rapisarda, Mike Florio

90. Karen Collins, Jim Burns, Kim Witkop

91. Gerry Chumura, Randy Bray

92. Mike Malzenski

93. Rich Vierthaler, Laurie Harlow, ____, Ruth Fortini

94 . Judy Kirk, Carol Lovell, Pam Kret

95 Anne Gruszka's husband Dexter McKenzie, Pam Kret

96. Ruth Fortini, Kim Witkop

97 Judi O'Brien, Karen Collins

98. ____, Judy Kirk

99 Sue Martin and Gary Petzold

100. Peggy Murphy

101. Maureen Munsell

102. Rich Lasonde, Steve Norowski, Kerri Mahaney

103. Steve Lavallee, Sandi Stirton

104 . Carol Sweetman, Bridgett Walt

105. Gordie Clark, John Devine

106. Dean Ciocci, Sue Martin, Phil Cambo

107. Sue Martin, Steve Norowski, Karen Collins

108. Coreen Garvey

109. Mike Malzenski, Jim Dionne and his wife

110. Phil Cambo, Dean Ciocci, Sue Martin

111. Steve Moore ('82?)

112. Anne Gruszka's husband, Dave Motyl, Pam Kret


114. Coreen Garvey, Kim Dolecki

115. Richard Courtney, Nancy Axtell

116. Pam Kret and Robin Lis

117. _____, Coreen Garvey, Sandi Stirton

118. Party at the Bar

119. Debbie Messier and Maureen Munsell

120. Gerry Chmura and his wife

121. Pam Kret and Carol Lovell

122. Steve Setian and Bill Donati

123. Peggy Murphy

124. Carol Lovell, Pam Kret and Barbara Loveling

125. Debbie Messier, Laurie Harlow and camera shy Maureen Munsell

126. Steve Lavallee and Carolyn Engel


128. Richard Courtney, Sue Martin and Gary Petzold


130. Bridgett Walt, Beth Moore, Karen Collins

131. Debbie Messier, Ruth Fortini and Julie Adams

132. Julie Adams and Steve Moore

133. Doug Bready and Steve Moore

134. Kerri Mahaney, David Gray and Cindy Rapisarda

135. Bill Donati and Donna Chouinard

136. Pat McMann

137. Judi O'Brien, Scott Brady, Mike Florio, Jim Burns, Ruth Fortini

138. Debbie Messier and Dan Dragon ('78)

139. Kerri Mahaney and Cindy Rapisarda

140. Kim Witkop, Debbie Messier, Carol Sweetman

141. Laurie Harlow's husband, Steve Norowski

142. Steve Norowski, Laurie Harlow

143. Laurie Harlow and her husband

144. Judi O'Brien, Beth Moore, Karen Collins

145. Jim Ross, Bridgett Walt, Carol Sweetman, Kim Witkop

146. Kim Witkop and Judy O'Brien

147. Scott Brady and Amy Griswold

148. Jim Burns and David Gray

149. Bridgett Walt, Steve Setian and Judi O'Brien

150. Tom Manzi and John Devine

151. Kim Dolecki and Jim Ross

152. Carol Sweetman, Bridgett Walt, Mike Florio, Cindy Rapisarda

153. Anne Gruszka and her husband

154. Paul Schubert and Mike Malzenski

155. Kim Dolecki

156. Beth Moore, Mike Lachapelle and his wife

157. Barbara Loveling, Carol Lovell, Pam Kret, Rich Lasonde

158. Donna Shirly

159. Carl Cote and Carolyn Engel

160. Gordie Clark ('78), Sandi Gardner, Phil Cambo

161. Karen Collins, William Donati ('77), Winslow Reed, Doug Bready

162. William Donati, Lisa Southworth, Karen Collins, Julie Adams, Ruth Fortini

163. Donna Shirly, Robin Lis, Sandy Ferrier Gibson

164. Barbara Loveling, Pam Ket, Rich Lasonde

165. Carol Lovell and _____

166. Mike Florio and Tom Manzi

167. Paul Schubert and Jim Dionne

168. Richard Courtney and Laurie Harlow

169. Steve Moore ('82?)

170. Ruth Fortini, William Donati ('77), ____, Judi O'Brien, ___, Karen Collins, Bridgett Walt

171. Donna Shirly, Robin Lis, Sandy Ferrier Gibson

172. Steve Setian

173. Doug Bready, Nancy Axtell, Carolyn Engel, Carl Cote

174. Carolyn Engel, Carl Cote

175. Carol Lovell, Barbara Loveling, Pam Kret

176. Sue Martin, Gary Petzold, Robin Lis, Donna Shirly

177. Pam Kret, David Motyl

178. Maureen Munsell, ____, Barbara Abar

179. Richard Courtney and Doug Bready

180. Mike Florio and Kerri Mahaney (there's a story behind that vest!)

181. Tom Manzi, Ruth Fortini, ___, Sandi Stirton, Scott Kibbe

182. Lisa Southworth and Carl Cote

183. Lisa Southworth and Carl Cote

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