Updated 24 September 1997

Mrs. Geigel's 1st Grade Class at Pines School

Above is Mrs. Geigel's first grade class photo from the 1966-67 school year. The people are as follows:

Top Row, L to R: Mrs. Geigel, ???, Sharon Gale, David Sweetman, Sharon Usher.

Second Row from top, L to R: Diane Henry, Nish Vartanian, Laurie Wheeler, Michael Bready, Caroline Boyer, Tim Rymasz, Diana Demetrius.

Third Row from top, L to R: Dan Dragon, Debbie Roberts, Teresa Maurer, Stephen Bennet

Fourth Row from top, L to R: Patty ?, Chris Batista, Diane Croze, ???, ???, Frank Skrzynarz

Bottom Row, L to R: Boudin Lechman, George Lenz, ???, ???, Wayne Zapatha

Thanks to Patty Reidy Miron for submitting this photo!

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