Updated 24 October 1997

1st Grade Class Photo from Stony Hill School

We need help on identifying people in this picture... if you can help out with the remaining names (or can make corrections to the existing names) please E-mail me!

The names of the people are:

Top Row, L to R: ???, ???, Katy Leary?, ???, ???, ???, Teacher(?)

2nd Row from Top, L to R: ???, ???, Chris Jernigan, Dorothy Bennet, Joe Mell, Carol Dickie, Greg Barnagian

3rd Row from Top, L to R: Noreen Hughes, ???

4rth Row from Top, L to R: ???, ???, ???, Randy Fied, ???, Craig Colette?

Bottom Row, L to R: Alan Bercovici, ???, Dave Strange?, Alan Darling, ???, ???, ???

Thanks to Alan Bercovici for contributing this image!

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