Updated 3 November 1998

Mrs. Shallic's 3rd Grade Class Photo from Mile Tree School

We need help on identifying people in this picture... if you can help out with the remaining names (or can make corrections to the existing names) please E-mail me!

The names of the people are:

Front Row, L to R: Carol Hanson, Holly Trevallion, Cindy Labelle, Cindy Fredette, Vera Brown, Sue Getchell

Middle Row, L to R: JoAnne Clark, Mary Dionne, Kathy Sullivan, Donna Jo Mason, Angela Morgan, Louisa Wilson, Jean Hartman, Jody Grise, ???, Tracy Shea.

Back Row, L to R: Steve Iampetro, Skeet Sellers, Ed Garibian, Dennis Anti, Mark Ditomassi(?), Chris Dwyer, Alan Bercovici, Jeff Knox, Jeff Frasier, Bob Follansbee, Mrs. Shallic.

Thanks to Alan Bercovici for contributing this image!

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