Updated 25 July 1997

Miss Ezold's 5th Grade Class at Memorial School

Recall that in 5th grade Memorial School was very crowded, and the new Soul Road school was opening that year. About half of the people at Memorial moved to Soul Road. I was in one of the classes that stayed at Memorial School, so I don't recall all of the faces in the photo below. Please help me out... if you can identify any of the people I haven't, please E-mail me!

The people are:

Back Row, L to R: Ron Schaefer, Dennis Anti, Mark Davis, Scott Dow, Michael Metzger, Bob Chambers, Brian Lis, Mike Webber, David Auchter.

Middle Row, L to R: Jeff Wolcott, Paul Zechkausen, Matt Corbishley, Dan Marsili, Doug Lavalle, Paul Abrahamson, Rich Zolla, Rich Matonis.

Front Row, L to R: Mary Ann Stamm, Kathleen Sullivan, Chris Calvert, Carol Hanson, Priscilla Blodgett, Cyndi Fredette, Rachel Siebert, Debbie Williams, Carol Schenk, Debbie King.

Question: Some of the names above I have not heard in a long time... whatever happened to Ron Schaefer, Sandy Olmstead, Matt Corbishley, Dan Marsili, Doug Lavalle and Mary Ann Stamm? I remember Robert Lavalle being in our class (he was tragically killed during freshmen year). If anyone knows what happened to these people, please E-mail me!

Note the eyeglasses that people are wearing... they're almost all the same style!

Chris Howard Borsuk wrote in to say that the teacher for this class was Miss Ezold. Chris also said she was in this class; on the day the photo was taken she was very sick and unable to attend school.

Thanks to Mike Webber for contributing this image!

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