Updated 01 March 2007

Mrs. Mediera's 1st Grade Class Photo from Mile Tree School

The names of the people are:

Top Row, L to R: Sharon ?, Brian Lis, Jodie Grise, Paul Abrahamson, Mrs. Mediera (or was it Mrs. Medeiros?).

Second Row: Barbara Flathers, Bruce Bergeron, Jean ?, Skeet Sellers, Karen Taylor, Mike Metzger, Lisa Semle.

Third row: Jimmy Tupper, Stephen Staggs.

Fourth Row: Mary Ann Stamm, Scott Dow, Michelle Kober, Tommy Balch, Wendy Neff, Dave Auchter, Debbie Torricelli.

Bottom row: Susan ?, Mark Hillsburg, Lisa Cambo, Holly Trevallion, Jean Hartman.

Thanks to Scott Dow for contributing this image!

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