Updated 29 Dec 2003

5th Grade Class Photo from Memorial School

We need help on identifying people in this picture... if you can help out with the remaining names (or can make corrections to the existing names) please E-mail me!

The names of the people are:

Front Row, L to R: Debbie Norowski, ______, Carolyn Boyer, Kim Lake, Karen White, ______, ______, _______.

Middle Row, L to R: ____, John Bedard, _____, Albert LaRiviere, Leo Balboni, Bruce Hadley, Dave Humphrey, Dave Chouniard, Victor Rufo, _____.

Back Row, L to R: Alan Darling, Robert Lavalle, Wes Laramee, Bob Gaudette, Steve Weatherbee, Jim Wolski, _____, Craig Cote, Mike Gerrard.

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