Updated 3 Novemmber 1998

Mrs. Kozalka's 3rd Grade Class at Mile Tree School

Names of the people are as follows:

Front row, L to R: Michelle Kober, Debbie Williams, Laurie Marsh, Rachel Siebert, Sherry Labine, Lisa Semle, Carol Schenk, Debbie Toricelli

Middle row, L to R: Sean Courtney, David Auchter, Nancy Labroad, Mary Ann Stamm, Barbara Flathers, Chris Howard, Jocelyn Cosgrove, Steven Staggs, Peter Grover, Kirk Vance

Back row, L to R: Mark Logomasini, Paul Abrahamson, John Merzwinski, Greg Palm, Brian Lis, Bob Moynihan, Scott Dow, Mike Metzger, Sandy Olmstead, Jon Levesque, Dana Hubble, Brooks Clark.

The teacher's name is Mrs. Kozalka.

Thanks to Chris Howard Borsuk for contributing this image!

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