Updated 23 July 1997

Mrs. Maloney's 1st Grade Class at Pines School

Below is my (Joe Roberts) class photo for first grade at Pines School... can you pick out the people that were at Minnechaug?

The people are (Minnechaug people identified by bold font) from L to R: (top row) Jane Scott, ???, Kathleen Forest, Michael Jackson, Mrs. Maloney. (2nd row from top): Jenny Gleason, Walter Scott, John McIntyre, Susan Bates. (3rd row from top): Joe Roberts (me), Patty Woods, Gilbert Jasmin, Barbara Gousy, ???, Susan Eggersol (?), Pete Corriveau. (bottom row): ???, ???, Bob Irla, Beth Green, Ken Wytas.

Below are some photos for selected class members...

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