Updated 27 Dec 2003

3rd Grade Class Photo from Pines School

We need help on identifying people in this picture... if you can help out with the remaining names (or can make corrections to the existing names) please E-mail me!

The names of the people are:

Front Row, L to R: Patty Woods, Jane Scott, Sue Bates, Beth Bacon, Susan Eggersol.

Middle Row, L to R: Dave Chouinard, Gary Fiore, Dave Benoit, George _______, Donna Grogan, Carolyn Boyer, Theresa Maurer, Kathy Peczka, Cathy Gartner, Wayne Zapatha, Bob Irla, John Bedard.

Back Row, L to R: Jim Wolski, Wes Laramee, ______, Tim Rymasz, Boudin Lechman, Pete Langone, Tony Fernandes, teacher.

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