Updated 18 Sep 2004

Show and Tell!

As kids in grade school we got to do "Show and Tell" once a week or so. During this time kids would come up to the front of the class and show the kids something they brought in from home. Often, these items were favorite toys. On this page are images of some of the kinds of things we used to bring in (being a guy this page is naturally biased to "boy toys")!

A classic Estes Sandhawk Rocket

Partridge Family Board Game!

"Fun Flowers" (a Mattel "Thingmaker" that was targeted towards young girls)

Super Heroes Comic Book

A Thunderbird 1 Model (from the TV show "Thunderbirds")

A classic "Creepy Crawler" set... remember using Plastic Goop?

What boy did not grow up with some kind of train set?

One of many Matchbox cars... these are made so much better than the junk available today!

Another classic Matchbox truck

Vintage Christmas Lights!

The game "Dynamite Shack"! You had to use those big, dopey thumbs to try and get the sticks of dynamite put away before the shack blew up (actually a loud "whack" sound)! Note the wording "perfectly safe" on the box... as if some parent would be dumb enough to think that this game contained REAL explosives!

Another classic childhood game...

The Easy bake Oven... something many young girls grew up with!

A favorite toy among many kids!

A classic "Time Bomb" toy! Today it would be "politically incorrect" (if not illegal) to take one of these to school!

The classic board game "Mystery Date". Were you one of the girls who always got stuck dating "the bum"? Actually, the way the bum is dressed in this game is not too far from what is considered "hip" today!

A classic O27 size rail car

More vintage Christmas lights!

Another favorite childhood game!

A goofy teen magazine! Just read some of the story titles!

Another goofy teen magazine!

Another type of "Thingmaker"

Yet one more kind of Thingmaker!

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