Updated 15 March 2008

Mrs. Smith's Fourth Grade Class, Thorton W. Burgess School, 1969-70, Hampden MA

The names of the people are:

Front Row, L to R: Janet Fortier, Ann Allen, Tammy Zeroogian, Lori Bartolucci, Sue Kirk, Sue Laitres, Connie Nichols, Lori Lewis.

Second Row, L to R: Gary Ouimet, Dale Ferrington, Gordie Clark, Milo Fischer, Owen McGettrick, Mrs. Smith, Paul Crowley, Tony Briand, Kevin Mikkola.

Back Row, L to R: John Pania, Raymond Masse, Jarl Johnson, Ed Smith, Phillip Westcott, Darryl Lousteau, Stan Czaplicki, Brian Witkop, Eric Byron.

Special thanks to Ed Smith for contributing this image!

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