Updated 15 March 2008

Mrs. Cotton's Eighth Grade Class, Thorton W. Burgess School, 1973-74, Hampden MA

The names of the people are:

Front Row, L to R: Jennifer Pauly, Kim Reynolds, Lori Lewis, Susan Laitres, Shawna Turner, Debbie Morin, Mary Anne Kibbe.

Second Row, L to R: Ed Smith, Owen McGettrick, Steve LaBoe, Shawn Moriarty, John Bishop

Third Row, L to R: Kevin Wilson, Clay Shaw, Craig Powers, Steve Witkop, Tom Sicbaldi, Brian Witkop.

Back Row, L to R: Gary Ouimet, Allen Meserve, Mark Ogoley, Alan Boucher, Eric Schnare, Richard Harvey.

Special thanks to Ed Smith for contributing this image!

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