Updated 3 December 2001

Whatever Happened to...?

This section will contain information on people who were with us for a number of years, but did not graduate with our class. People who seemed to "disappear"... people who moved, changed schools, etc.

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER whatever happened to Jeanne Mannix (class of 1980)? We think she had a sisiter named Laura Mannix from the Class of 78. Neither are listed in the Minnechaug Directory nor are they listed at classmates.com. If you have any info please e-mail to Webmaster!

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER whatever happened to Barbara Baron? How about Mark Logomasini, Brooks Clark, Mark Phillips, and Kim Reynolds?

Mark Phillips came into the school system during Junior High, but I don't remember seeing him at Minnechaug. Kim Reynolds was in Minnechaug homeroom J-8 during at least sophomore year; I think she was from Hampden. She was pretty with long hair and a thin build... that's the last I remember of her. Barbara Baron I do remember but I have no idea of what happened to her; she was with us in 7th grade but after that I believe she was gone. Brooks Clark went to the Wilbraham-Monson Academy from what I remember, but after that I have no clue what happened to him. Mark Logomasini I have no info on whatsoever. Help us out if you have any additional info!

Sadly, Kim Reynolds passed away on 30 November 2001. Barbara Barron is apparently "the" Barbara Barron who wrote a book that was on the national best seller list! Do not know the name of the book offhand...

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER whatever happened to Lisa Ashe? How about Tracy Shea? What about Steve Manzer? Lisa was with us through at least 7th grade, but Tracy "disappeared" before even Junior High from what I can remember. Steve Manzer was in the Junior High (and a bit of a bully as well)... but he too seemed to "drop out of sight". Help us out if you have any additional info!

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER whatever happened to Chris Trovas? Chris Tracy writes "We used to call him Tex...". Let us know if you know anything!

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER whatever happened to Victor Rufo? How about Steve Bennett? Both Victor and Steve lived up on the mountain. Steve Bennett was always in some kind of trouble at school (maybe he got expelled!). Victor seemed to just "vanish". Anyone have the complete story?

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER whatever happened to George Lenz, Boudin Lechman, Russell McCrae, and Albert Morris? Did they move away? Don't believe they graduated with us...

Dave Leonard reports that he believes that Boudin Lechman moved back to Germany after second grade. Also, Russell McCrea was in 8th grade at the Junior High, but not in Minnechaug (must have moved or something...)

Chris Howard Borsuk wrote in to say that Boudin Lechman was around at least through 4th grade. It was 4th grade where she met Boudin.

Teresa Maurer Arculeo reports: I remember Boden very clearly, he was in Mrs. Carew's 4th grade home room. He also starred in a school play as Snoopy that year. If I remember correctly, that was his last year, he was going somewhere overseas to study to be a Priest.

Alan Bercovici said that George Lenz is working as a mechanical engineer at a firm in Springfield, MA.

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER a kid named Mark Burgoon (sp)?

Pete Chapin reports: Mark Burgoon moved to Maryland after 8th grade.

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER what happened to Dan Marsili?

Teresa Maurer Arculeo reports: Danny Marsili went to Cathedral with me, we graduated together but he had moved to Springfield I think it was Junior year.

Dave Grasetti reports running into Dan in the summer of 1996 at a restaurant in New York City. As of a year ago, Dan was living in New York and doing very well.

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER a kid named Eddie Rossi (last I saw of him was Pines School)?

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER a kid named Tony Cusson (from the junior high)...

Patty Reidy Miron reports "Back when I was still living up in Wilbraham, he and his wife Marion (she was from Ludlow) were renting an apartment in a house my dad used to own. My best friend and I also rented an apartment in the same house (it was a 3 family). When my dad sold the house, they moved."

"Tony and his wife had two little kids by the time I got married and moved. This was back in the early 80's so his kids are actually older than my daughter at this point. I would say his youngest would have to be 17 or 18 and his oldest must be around 20. Good grief!!"

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER what happened to Mary Ann Stamm?

Several people reported that Mary Ann Stamm is now a lawyer practicing in Springfield, MA.

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER a girl named Laurie Wright? She was in the Junior High, but not at Minnechaug. She was blonde, and used to comment on what "enormous" feet Joe Roberts had!

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