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Welcome to Joe's Wilbraham Photo History Site! Here you will find possibly the largest on-line gallery of Wilbraham (Massachusetts, USA) photos that exists today. The photos within range in age from the late 1800s to modern times. A number of the photos within are not available anywhere but here. In addition to photos, there are other items of historical value within. Please note that the intent of this site is not to recount the detailed history of the town in words (several books have already been written on that topic); this site is devoted mainly to showing photographs and to sharing old memories. Another goal of this site is to document some history of the town that may not be otherwise widely known, and to share with people how things used to be in the "good old days" of Wilbraham.

Please note that this site is 100% privately funded, and it is neither endorsed nor sponsored officially by the Town of Wilbraham. In other words, this site is a personal project that I work on as time allows. Visitors are encouraged to submit material, provide additional descriptive notes, personal accounts of historical events, corrections, etc. Credits will be given for material (if such information is available and if credit is desired). It is hoped that as time goes on, more people will discover this site and offer additional material. Please contact me (below) if you have material that you would like to contribute.

NOTE 1: A new section featuring Minnechaug has been added below. At time of writing I've only had time to put up photos of the original Minnechaug. I have MANY more photos of the demolition and also of the New Minnechaug, I will add them as time allows.

NOTE 2: I am in the process of upgrading a number of photos to high resolution format. Images that are large format and/or high resolution have an "HD" symbol next to them. It will take some time to update all of the images, but the increased quality is worth it.

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